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Blooming season: Late spring to fall

Plant habit: mounded

Exposure: Full sun

Characteristics: attracts butterflies and hummingbirds, deer- resistant, drought-tolerant, heat-tolerant.

Uses: garden and landscape, mixed containers just about anywhere hot and sunny

Bandana series



Cherry Sunrise





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Bandito series- Bandito lantanas are the more compact cousins of Syngenta’s Bandana series; “orange sunrise” has orange outer flowers changing to yellow toward the center of the flowerhead. Low seed production in all Banditos helps them bloom more freely for longer without deadheading.

Orange Sunrise


Landmark series- Rose Sunrise does very well in our heat and humidity.  It scored a 4.63 of 5 and a Best of the Best Award at the UGA trials in 2008.  Taller and a bit rangier than the Lucky series, Landmarks work well if you have a bit more space to fill. The Landmark and Lucky series lantanas form far fewer berries than the old-fashioned lantanas, which accounts for their better performance.  Do not plant near grazing livestock.  Foliage can cause dermatitis in some individuals, BERRIES TOXIC.

Rose Glow

Lucky series -  Lucky lantanas are top-notch performers in our southern heat and humidity.  The Lucky series is also more compact and a heavier bloomer than many of the older varieties.  One of the reasons for such exceptional performance is that they set few seeds, which means they have far fewer berries, and therefore keep their minds on putting out flowers.  Do not plant near grazing livestock.   Foliage can cause dermatitis in some individuals, BERRIES TOXIC.

Lemon Glow

Pot of Gold

Rose Sunrise


New Gold- One of the reasons New Gold performs so well is that it is largely self-sterile, which means it doesn't make many of the berries that would take its energy away from blooming.  Needs 8+ hours of full sun for best performance; any shade will decrease the number of flowers significantly. BERRIES TOXIC.

New Gold

Trailing- A bit slow to get started in the spring, and they may look a bit stringy at the outset, but don't be fooled. The trailing lantanas are both workhorses and showhorses once the weather warms up. Full sun and adequate feed bring out their best. Very drought-tolerant once established. BERRIES TOXIC.

Trailing purple

Spacing: 14-20"

Height: 14-18"

Trailing white

Spacing: 14-20"

Height: 14-18"

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