Our Team

  • Alan Barton – Co-owner
  • Carole Barton – Co-owner
  • Keith Burt- Head Grower/ Propagation
  • Matt Camp- Operations and Sales Manager
  • Kathy Hall – Customer service, Tag Master and Special Projects
  • Sandy Johnston – Assistant Grower/Propagation
  • Cliff Myers – Production Advisor, Shipping, Maintenance, Everyman
  • Mitch Guenther- Sign Master and Driver
  • Nazario Luna- Location and Transport Guru
  • Jim McKinley- Driver
  • Mike Perkins- Driver
  • Joe Lichtenstein- Driver (w Olly)


Contact us at info@bartongreenhouse.com or you can find us HERE

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Wholesale grower of industrial-sized annuals, perennials, groundcover, and herbs