alternanthera, chartreuse – joseph’s coat

Foliage color is most vivid in sun, colorful attractive foliage, shade-tolerant, low maintenance

Planting Tips

Spacing: 10-12″
Height: 8-12″
Blooming season: grown for its foliage
Plant habit: low mound
Exposure: sun or shade, but foliage color is most vivid in sun
Characteristics: colorful attractive foliage, shade-tolerant but foliage color more vivid in sun; low maintenance; blooms not significant. Uses: accent, filler, border, hanging basket, mixed container.

Alternanthera Chartreuse, commonly known as “Joseph’s Coat”, is short in stature and very slow-growing, making it an excellent choice for edges and containers. Tough once established, it is a bright accent effective both up close and at a distance; it will hold its yellow-green foliage throughout most of the season. Due to genetic instability, some branches revert back to solid green. This is normal and due to careful selection during propagation, is occurring less and less frequently.

Additional information

Plant Habit