angelonia serena series

Angelonias are hard to beat in the heat. Nearly everywhere we have seen them, when they are properly fed and watered, they have been very effective and tough as nails.

Planting Tips

Spacing: 12-15″
Height: 12-18″
Plant habit: Upright
Exposure: Sun
Blooming season: late spring, summer, fall

 Uses: cut flowers, containers, beds

Serena angelonias, one of several types of “summer snapdragons”, are well-suited to our hot and humid summers.  The Serenas differ in that they are grown from seed, while many other series have to be grown from cuttings. Like all angelonias, they need full sun for best blooming, with flowers much more sparse in any shade. Grow on the dry side for best results; too much water encourages overly-lush growth often followed by rot.  Ok to  shear midsummer; if they have enough food they will be reblooming in a couple of weeks.