Powis Castle is one of the hardiest, strongest, and most beautiful of the silver-gray “Dusty Miller”-type wormwoods. It is more tolerant of summer heat and humidity than the other species.

Planting Tips

Blooming Season: grown for its foliage
Plant Habit: mound
Characteristics: heat tolerant, aromatic, evergreen
Spacing: 24-36″
Height: 2-3′
Exposure: Full sun or partial shade
Uses: Rock garden, a herb garden, or as a stand-alone specimen.

The finely-dissected gray leaves of Artemisia Powis castle are beautiful in combination with blues and purples. Silver-foliaged plants, the color of which is usually due to white hair in the leaves, sometimes struggle in heat and humidity, but this one works just fine in our area. PC will often be evergreen (“eversilver”?) during mild winters.