Planting Tips

Blooming season: grown primarily for their foliage
Plant habit: most are fairly upright, though Burgundy Trailing is a much lower, spreading habit.
Characteristics: colorful attractive foliage
Spacing:  12″ for small varieties; you can give the big ones more room (15″+) to ensure adequate ventilation and stem strength but we know that some customers prefer closer spacing
Height: except for Trailing Burgundy, Chaotic Rose and maybe Lava Rose, which will stay shorter, coleus can get pretty big- up to 2 1/2-3′ for Alabama Sunset, Gay’s Delight, Redhead and Mariposa.
Exposure: sun to pt. shade, depending on variety and availability of water.
Uses: beds, landscapes, mixed containers, 55 mph drive-by beds, just about anywhere.

Most vegetative varieties will have more vivid color and thicker stems in full sun but will tolerate light shade just fine.  Kongs will definitely need some shade.  Generally best to nip off blooms to prevent plant from setting seed and draining energy from foliage production.

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