impatiens sunpatiens

Planting Tips

Spacing: 18-20″
Height: 18-24″
Blooming season: late spring through fall

Sunpatiens are impatiens that will tolerate the sun. They also perform well in shade. No matter the light level though, they will need a good supply of water to look their best.

We have seen them looking marvelous in May at Disneyworld, where the summer has been long underway, and also at the UGA Trial Gardens in June, where it is just getting started. Best success seems to be when they are planted small so the roots can dig in to achieve a balance before the tops get too big… and they get BIG! Be sure to space adequately— they will easily fill a 18″ to 22″ spacing.

Sunpatiens seem to be resistant to the downy mildew disease problems that have affected other types of impatiens in the last couple of years, which makes them a potential substitute if you have experienced problems with regular impatiens.