vinca, cora series


Planting Tips

Blooming Season : late spring through early fall; doesn’t like temps below 60 degrees
Plant Habit : trailing or upright depending on variety
Spacing : 10-12″
Height : 6 – 10″
Exposure : sun to partial shade

Characteristics: attracts bees and butterflies, heat-tolerant, low maintenance if not overwatered. Uses: border, mixed containers, cascading varieties are good for hanging baskets.

The breeders at Goldsmith spent 18 years tinkering with vinca to breed for resistance to aerial Phytophthera. That insidious disease has been the nemesis of vinca as long as we can remember, and led to our dropping vinca from our lineup for several years. The folks at Goldsmith have truly succeeded with the Cora Series.

The genetics are a huge step forward, but, to honor their effort, we still have to do our part. Remember the deal with vinca- it needs excellent drainage and a lot of heat, which is why you see happy beds of vinca along the Gulf coast and in other warm areas with sandy soils. To increase your chances of success, do not plant it an area where it will get the same watering regimen as fescue turf (which could probably do with less water than it’s getting anyway)… do NOT water vinca in the evening which will leave it wet going into the nighttime (dark+wet+cool= fungus heaven), and don’t plant it too early in the season, when cool nights will discourage vinca right off the bat. If you follow these guidelines with the Coras, beautiful, heat-loving, drought-tolerant vinca can be yours!

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