Recycling Efforts

RecyclePlastic has understandably come under intense scrutiny because of its lack of biodegradability in landfills. Plastic containers remain, however, the most cost-efficient way for us to grow plants. In an effort to keep as many plastic pots out of the landfill as possible, Barton’s has partnered with our pot manufacturer, East Jordan Plastics, to recycle the plastic pots that we are not able to sanitize and reuse.

We accept used plastic from our garden center and landscape contractor customers. And while the recycling process is an investment in our future, it is a net loss for us today. So if you want to return plastic to us, please help by emptying the pots of any remaining contents, such as potting mix, leaves or trash. If the pots and trays have been sitting around for a while, remember to wear gloves, and be wary of fire ants, black widow spiders, or sometimes even snakes, as stacks of used pots seem to attract them for nesting.

By attempting to keep even some of our plastic pots out of the waste stream, we are doing a small part to save future generations from landfills full of non-biodegradable plastic. Now if we would all recycle our used water and soft / energy drink bottles and cans we would really make a dent! For more information on recycling in our area, please visit the Alabama Environmental Council.

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