Spring/Summer Containers

Mixed containers are a great, and fairly easy (no digging required!) way to add color and texture to your deck, porch or patio. For those who like visual simplicity, choose just one or two types of plants, or several plants with a similar color.

If you like more diversity, the sky’s the limit!  Choose a tall plant for the center (thriller), medium height for the middle (fillers), and something that will trail over the edge of the pot (spiller). And choose plants that will work under the same sun/shade situation, though it’s amazing how adaptable many of the good container flowers are.

For best results, make sure you use GOOD QUALITY potting soil (this is really important!), have the ability to water as needed, which may be daily once the plants get larger and the summer heats up, and some fertilizer on hand. Feeding every two to three weeks should do the trick. Below are some examples of containers seen beautifying central Alabama!

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